WoW! Did you hear that Thunder last night?!

Yes, April hasn’t let us down this year. Last weekend there was loud thunder, bright lighting, strong winds and plenty of rainwater for everybody. Your home depends on a free flowing gutter/downspout system to shed the rain water away from your home. Likte it or not, Gutter cleaning is an on going maintenance issue. If a plugged system is the cause of water damage, your homeowners insurance will probably not pay for it. So regular inspection is important. Fallen leaves and sticks and even birds nests can plug your downspout. When plugged, the vegetation decomposes and becomes a gooey mess over time. I’ve even seen tree frogs living in the swampy water conditions within a gutter. I kid you not. VIP Painting understands this, so as a courtesy, we will inspect your gutters as part of an exterior paint job. When discovering a plugged downspout, or a fallen branch or even your kids lost tennis ball, we will take care of the problem. Should, it be a bigger issue, we will bring it to the attention of the customer so those rainy Days and Mondays won’t get you down.