Who lives in that house with the bumble bee yellow door?

I do:) This is the house that my wife and  I had recently purchased. Yellow is my wife’s favorite color. Besides the porch, It’s a maintenance free house. Imagine that. A painter  that has no wood to up-keep. I’m sure many people believe that because you own a home that’s primarily vinyl or aluminum, that you are stuck with those colors for life, no matter how awful or faded. But the contrary is true. Vinyl and aluminum are very paint-able. In fact, it probably holds paint better than wood. Let me show you a before picture:

Notice, that by simply applying a fresh coat a of paint. Add some custom shutters, made by me, and lets not forget about the yellow door,  you can give your middle aged house the face lift needed to revitalize that tired and worn look. There’s no doubt that my neighbors have had drive-by conversations having to look at the old house from years prior. Being more that just a painting firm, we can also do the nips and tucks and the needed face lift. Or just botox your front door. The added benefit with this is that it’s much easier to give family and friends directions to our house. Just look for the bumble bee yellow front door. That’s us!.

What’s your wife’s favorite color? Let me know.