Spring has sprung

Now is a great time to do an exterior inspection to your home. With the up coming April rains, gutter leaks or plugged downspouts will be easier to spot. Moss, mold and mildew will once again start their growth on your roof and siding, along with the bees and wasps casing out your house to start a nest. Also inspect your air conditioner. It should be cleaned of leaves and debris to work properly and efficiently. The correct way to clean it is from the inside out. Blow the debris outward.  Pressure washing helps to remove these issues. Sidewalks and Patios can be cleaned like new also. Remember that moss, mold and mildew are living creatures. They feed off your house. Moss retains moisture, which in turn, destroys paint and also wood siding, which then, can attract carpenter ants. Should you need help, Give me a call to inspect and or pressure wash your home. We can take care of your home.