Exterior Painting

We are your residential paint specialist. We don’t do commercial, industrial, or factory type work one day, then paint your house the next. Having been around houses and home improvements my whole life, I can assure you that I know my way around a house. That’s important because I can recognize issues that may be the cause(s) of a problem, and then have the skills to take care of it, instead of just painting right over it. It’s one thing to slap a coat of paint on house to pass city inspection, but it’s a huge difference when you’re painting someone’s only home and investment, whom they plan on being in for a very long time. We understand that there are many ways to paint a house. We get it.  Ask 10 painters how they’d spec out a job and you’ll hear 10 different answers. After 25 years, we feel that we have it right. There are proper procedures needed to achieve successful, long lasting results. VIP Painting Service does it above industry standards. We offer the VIP Treatment. It is the very best approach to painting your home while beautifying and protecting your investment. Choosing VIP will assure you a very good job