Decks & Pressure washing

Decks are unique in that they usually lay flat, while taking a direct trouncing from the Wisconsin elements every day of the year.  Redwoods, Cedar and even pressure treated wood needs to be protected by a wood preservation type coating. Here is no time to go for the cheap wax based coating. The best way to achieve the optimal results for your deck is to have it pressure washed by VIP. Pressure washing is a process where we inject proper chemicals to strip away the failed coating, along with the dead, oxidized, grey surface. This also opens the pores of the wood to allow for the preservative to penetrate deep into the deck boards. Because decks are essentially made from a soft wood, An inexperienced person using a pressure washer can do more harm than good. Our team is fully trained to use the chemicals correctly, while using proper pressures, spray tip sizes and proper handling of the spray gun.  Every deck is unique. Is it in the direct sun or on the shady north side, or under tree? Maybe you have some barbeque mishaps or a deck board that has failed. Ask us what we can do for you.