Who lives in that house with the bumble bee yellow door?

   I do:) This is the house that my wife and  I had recently purchased. Yellow is my wife’s favorite color. Besides the porch, It’s a maintenance free house. Imagine that. A painter  that has no wood to up-keep. I’m sure many people believe that because you own a home that’s primarily vinyl or aluminum, that you are stuck with those colors for life, no matter how awful or faded. But the contrary is true. Vinyl and aluminum are very paint-able. In fact, it probably holds paint better than wood. Let me show you a before picture:

pic    Notice, that by simply applying a fresh coat a of paint. Add some custom shutters, made by me, and lets not forget about the yellow door,  you can give your middle aged house the face lift needed to revitalize that tired and worn look. There’s no doubt that my neighbors have had drive-by conversations having to look at the old house from years prior. Being more that just a painting firm, we can also do the nips and tucks and the needed face lift. Or just botox your front door. The added benefit with this is that it’s much easier to give family and friends directions to our house. Just look for the bumble bee yellow front door. That’s us!.

What’s your wife’s favorite color? Let me know.

WoW! Did you hear that Thunder last night?!

Yes, April hasn’t let us down this year. Last weekend there was loud thunder, bright lighting, strong winds and plenty of rainwater for everybody. Your home depends on a free flowing gutter/downspout system to shed the rain water away from your home. Likte it or not, Gutter cleaning is an on going maintenance issue. If a plugged system is the cause of water damage, your homeowners insurance will probably not pay for it. So regular inspection is important. Fallen leaves and sticks and even birds nests can plug your downspout. When plugged, the vegetation decomposes and becomes a gooey mess over time. I’ve even seen tree frogs living in the swampy water conditions within a gutter. I kid you not. VIP Painting understands this, so as a courtesy, we will inspect your gutters as part of an exterior paint job. When discovering a plugged downspout, or a fallen branch or even your kids lost tennis ball, we will take care of the problem. Should, it be a bigger issue, we will bring it to the attention of the customer so those rainy Days and Mondays won’t get you down.

Spring has sprung.

Now is a great time to do an exterior inspection to your home. With the up coming April rains, gutter leaks or plugged downspouts will be easier to spot. Moss, mold and mildew will once again start their growth on your roof and siding, along with the bees and wasps casing out your house to start a nest. Also inspect your air conditioner. It should be cleaned of leaves and debris to work properly and efficiently. The correct way to clean it is from the inside out. Blow the debris outward.  Pressure washing helps to remove these issues. Sidewalks and Patios can be cleaned like new also. Remember that moss, mold and mildew are living creatures. They feed off your house. Moss retains moisture, which in turn, destroys paint and also wood siding, which then, can attract carpenter ants. Should you need help, Give me a call to inspect and or pressure wash your home. We can take care of your home.

New To VIP Painting – Our Blog

Hello All,

In efforts to continually keep you guys up to date on what’s going on in the painting world, we have created a blog to share with you guys! We will be sharing pictures, links, new and ongoing projects. We hope you will check back often to get new ideas, and advice on everything in the painting world. Just remember you can always reach out us by our website or by giving us a call. We are happy to do a free quote and show you how we can give you VIP treatment.

Talk to you soon,

VIP Karl